{mood day} Graphically romantic

graphically romantic

Mood moody bum. Feel kind of bumped, but in a good way. Had little run early in a morning, walk with dog, wrote an article, planed a day, watched online conference. At 6pm, will have another one- as I call it-  I will go “Guogintis”. Everything today is about: facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, web- sites, blog’s, graphic’s, youth, wordpress and so on and on.

In all, mood perfect for a hard working day. p.s.  two days with this song. Such slowly jumpy and flying rhythm. And my heart is a little mess, but just a little, though.


Friday Pack- perfect imperfections


Good morning, mister Friday ! How are You ? Goody good ? I am good. All in love in life. So Lucille today. I would love to be today that person who inspires others to be happy and move. Would love to sing out to them all my blues, all my soul. Today is my sis birthday and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make this night special, happy, easy and fun. It’s all about being happy for life and for who you are. We need to love not only others, but our self too. And it seems that for grown woman is just harder and harder to do it. But we are beautiful with all our perfect imperfections. Today is everything for me so womanly soft :) And I can’t stop  listening to B.B. King, especially Lucille song. So, just listen, relax and love your life and who you are.



Also, as usually little Friday pack- what I found, what I loved this week.

So, this week I live with music, particularly: B.B. king, Roy Bachanan, Otis Redding, Shuggie Otis and so on. Womanly living all week.

Love this nude picture. Pure, soft and easy. Naked Woman. 

A surprise for me Diana Krall, such good singer. Maybe not for today mood, but she is good. So shuggie good.

Loved this article about separation and relationship on a marriage. 

As always Rue Magazine- eye relaxing thing. Have fun with this !

Gwyneth Paltrow’s news, explained in GIFs. Found it on A cup of jo. And I still love Gif’s. So fun.

And last but not least: everything from honing your craft as a “maestra of seduction” to breaking up with dignity.

Have fun and lovable Friday, people ! ;)


Awkwardness of first date


So, Yes- Yesterday I had a date, first date, after seven years of relationship (the date was still with the same man, though). It was kind of strange date, and can’t just call a date- it was a  Woody Allen date. One more time my life was directed by higher Gods. No, no- nothing too bad. We went into the movie (about the movie later ). No hands, though, or look that I was used to have on a date. It was more about awkwardness from his and mine side- I guess we have issues, though :) So, the funny part of first date:

- “Would You like some pop corns”- asked man in a leather jacket standing near me and looking straight into my eyes.

- “Yes, I would love to have pop corns” – said with smiley face, I hope he saw more than pop corns, I am so trying to get this into another level.

- “Ok, so buy yourself”

….. no, he didn’t see anything in my eyes, though. I am loosing my religion.

- “Mister, do you remember, I am on a date, though”/ “You know what should be on a date?”- last chance. Of course I could buy to myself, but wanted to feel that material thing from dating side. At least that, though

- “oh, so I need to buy it. ok”- he smiled. Felt wrong to me that moment.

Are You kidding me? Left me on a concert to go alone because of El Classico, chooses football instead of me, and now pop corns. – of course it’s not much. I guess this is me. I want too much after 7 years, though.

He took a package for couples. Middle sized. Two drinks – I was even not asked what drink I want. But I was happy at least this went good :) He knew, I take coca cola and he always-  Fanta. Differences attract . Isn’t it ?


Cinema hall was crowded with people. We were almost in a last row. If You do smth there, I am sure you do it with all those people, cause there was no space even to move or breath. So, no again, no hands, no look. Except to a clock and not in mine.

After, we went to my mum, as she sick….. And while we were going home back, our car just stops. It died in a middle of the city. Like a rose in a desert. WTF Volvo, your friend is Van Damme, how could You do that to me on a date night, I still hoped for a night, though.

First date: middle size pop corns for couples, broken Volvo, no hands, no look, glass of red wine, football, no pop corns afterwards- only Van Damme and damn Woody show “date night”

Were are You Goethe, when I need You most?  Isn’t it funny side of life- the awkwardness ? Complicated beauty, though.


and p.s. movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, I loved it, It was very strong, especially if You do see more then moving pictures, and see the story. But what I loved most, soundtrack, Oh my, that was music for my soul. I would happy to be somewhere in dumb pub, where is a smoke, whiskey, ice cubes, darkness, fog of club, empty tables, blue blues and nothing more- my passion. I would dance alone, move as never before. Uuuuu, baby, sweet thang.

I guess It was little tale about two people- my life short novel side, though. Well, I am still flying.






Soft powered – grown woman

mood board gabrileaYou know, I believe in woman as in a soft powered individual. Especially when all over the world in a such huge communication ocean/ international relations, soft power seems to be a key for listening, being democratic, polite, respectful, acting like a global citizen and offer your knowledge, believes and at the last – your service. Cause, first goes You personality- later CV/works. In order, that’s why it is so important to build your self strong minded not only online person, but to coach your self to be like this- confident enough to go smartly soft in a business and life. That’s why I think we need to teach children and Youth how it is important what You say, what You post and how you act- it effects your future/ connections.

I guess, because of the importance in XXI century to be strong, independent, mom, woman, wive, girlfriend and so on- woman learned how to solve most of the problems with softer side. I guess I feel a bit  skilled at keeping cool in a crisis (as I had a lot of them). I am willing to develop myself in the face of difficulty. What I have as a problem, I don’t like to go hard, and in a such world You need to do it, sometimes. So, I am more soft hunter, when I see what I want, I can go slowly, but till the end of the goal- polite patience is everything for me.


Beyoncé – Grown Woman from artemion on Vimeo.

Well I thought about it today, cause read an article 

still hunting ;) GM



Happiness wrinkles


Oh well, sometimes you need just relax and think simply about life. So simply. Today is marvelous day, so shiny, so beautiful. Look, near You is a colleague working on smth. Someone is drinking coffee and telling stupid stories about Yesterday, or look a cloud flying like elephant- such a good day, though.

I have couple of big projects, till the end of week need to finish a lot, and it feels so good to do what you love to do. Creativity is everything. I am a dreamer and it’s nothing bad about it. I see much more what I want to do and keep going to that amazing feeling, that I do and did everything what is or was possible. I love to work out my brains, I can sit all night, all day till I do what I want to do. Yes, I know, sometimes I am a bit depressive here :) oh, well its my world to stay in. I share a lot of things, that I am not just saying to others.  I love to write it out- and keep going. Maybe some of thoughts would help you to think the feeling out, though.

So, human beings, have an amazing day, even if it might rain in your country side, but remember, that rain is also a music for brains ;) and maybe for a soul.

I hope that I will have lot of wrinkles of happiness one day.

I love this song, the melody is beautiful and it fit’s my mood. This time not words are important, maybe just some of it.

{Monday choice} Hunting Monday


Monday shmonday. Yes, I know- didn’t do a post as I promised to do whatever happens (trying to keep myself organized), but Thursday wasn’t very good day, though, Friday – had a lot to do, and weekend, oh well I lost myself in a weekend, sank deep from Friday night till Sunday evening when I had little accident. Nothing much, just my dignity. Cleaned, cleared my head, all still moving on. By the way, what is going on with that gentleman thing ? no gentleman’s anymore ? Kidding, though, but with wolf thing- damn right. And I’ll hunt you down. :)

So, for now, I’ll do little Friday pack today. Enjoy Your day and keep hunting for life and dreams, cause sometimes you could find miracles even just for short time.

Monday slang by Carl “It’s Monday, make it count”

The man side of me by Gabrilea Mantique pinterest.

Love this picture, so adorable, so simple.  

Do You love Patrick Smith, I do. I imagine these on my walls in studio.

I kind of can’s sleep for while, so I love go to sleep with music. Love to find albums and sink into a dream.  Couple of nights I do it with Emma Hewitt. Can’t say that I love all her music, but this album is just perfect to fall a sleep. 

And last little thing, Great article about questions for Yourself. (How can you build a platform this year for you to stand on next year?, as example)

Btw, what about tattoo. I think I am so ready to do it. This week I am going to talk about it with professionals, as I want to clear my mind do I really want it, though


little kiss, people !

Chrysta Bell- shhh Lionrose !


This weekend was hard, exams-  passed. BUT. I had the most and amazing night yesterday. In a long time I felt so free, lonely and full of lionrose in myself. I had a chance to go to a concert of Chrysta Bell. Maybe it was my mood, but it felt so good to be there. It was a feeling, that this is the time and the place to be for me particularly that night. Was listening, thinking, breathing. There was I and only I.

The strangest thing was a feeling that people are so near me and closed are so far way, than those who are far way, but it felt like they where there. Sitting on that empty seat near me.

And Chrysta, Oh my, she knows how to move, she knows how to breath. I was ready to move like she every minute of her songs. Her music is a sound for a body, you can’t focus on anything else then on your body movement. Flowing in a night, touch, breath- Lionrose.

Make it real make it real make it real- I wanna feel loved. I am coming home to myself- welcome back. We ride this train, always leaving something, as we always move along, through time… good words.

Have flowing Monday. Keep moving, slowly and passionate.


Friday pack


Friday. Time is going so fast !!! This weekend I have exams, and so much of work to do, but today is today- little conclusion of the week, what I have found.

Found “The Grand Budapest Hotel, I am so into seeing it. It should be good, easy and kind of funny, though.

Ha, as I am going to France, I definitely should learn how to order Croissant.

btw, I just can’t stop looking into pictures, I would love to be one day such relaxed and beautiful mom.

I love this look, would love to be in a such mood in Roskilde this June!!

Oh, my, what a pictures !! 

And love this make up look. so deep :)))  p.s in trips with such make up- marvelous !!!!


Have marvelous and happy Friday !


In old earth, between two rivers and one ocean, between wars and peace, was an old city named “Hunger”. Old town with one person to live in. With big and high buildings, empty roads, woods, and streets. What a cruel place to live, you would say, but it was deep place with deep thoughts, storms of mind, and air of Hunger. There was no space to another human being, no space to another heart of beating, breath or movement. If you be there, you could feel intense; you could feel that insanity, that remarkable feeling of starvation. Your body would be empty, soul old, eyes smiling, but not at the same time. You could feel that feeling of running wile your breath stops and heart is “beatless”. You would feel like standing on bridge for couple of hours making decisions, like in a marathon of life. They shoot old Horses, though- the thought is coming. But not always it’s true. We used to live in a hunger, but we scare to admit it.

Of course You might think who is that human being living in such horrifying city. And I, as story teller should say, but sometimes there is no importance to know. No importance as all of us, sometimes feel that particular feeling in our gut- hunger. For everything-  so much of hunger  you could see every day.

That night in a city was something new. Something what was different that other nights. You could feel that woods are deeper than ever, darker but softer, hotness in air, you could feel new breath and place. New spot, new dot, new area, new place for something else. It was so new for that one person of Hunger city. New starvation.

Do you know what it means to be Hungry? I am story teller. I know . I knew from the childhood what it is to starve, what it means not to eat for couple of days. I knew how to manage it. How to be alive.  I was a child and it seemed ok to feel it.  It was just physical thing to feel. And I had physical hunger for food. So simple, isn’t it? I did not have any other hunger, I was happy and loved. Have You ever chose to starve? On Your diet? Not to eat for a couple of days. Two, three. Well it is not so bad, though. It is the complicated beauty of life. It’s easier to know, why you feel hungry, than not to know what kind of species of hunger you have.

This city was a mirage, a place to hide in Your Hunger beauty. That one soul was and is young, old in mind, who feels a bit different Hunger than the physical. The cruelest Hunger that is possible in old earth. Hunger for life. Hunger for love, for mistakes, lessons, for running, for every breath that “it” was taking was a hunger. That’s why “it” moved into the city. That’s why starvation knocked into the door.

When sun left the city and moon came into the sky, air was still hot, and it was hard to breath. Human being was confused and a bit scared of what was going on, but knew, that everything will change, started to understand what kind of hunger is feeling. Do You know that particular thing, when you see the answers, but you are so into being in your mirage, in your city, that you do not accept the choices that life is giving you.  As a story teller, I have only one part of this story, and I wait for another one. That one simple human being still is in a city with the answer of starvation and ability to move from the city of Hunger. Would You move?