Awkwardness of first date


So, Yes- Yesterday I had a date, first date, after seven years of relationship (the date was still with the same man, though). It was kind of strange date, and can’t just call a date- it was a  Woody Allen date. One more time my life was directed by higher Gods. No, no- nothing too bad. We went into the movie (about the movie later ). No hands, though, or look that I was used to have on a date. It was more about awkwardness from his and mine side- I guess we have issues, though :) So, the funny part of first date:

– “Would You like some pop corns”- asked man in a leather jacket standing near me and looking straight into my eyes.

– “Yes, I would love to have pop corns” – said with smiley face, I hope he saw more than pop corns, I am so trying to get this into another level.

– “Ok, so buy yourself”

….. no, he didn’t see anything in my eyes, though. I am loosing my religion.

– “Mister, do you remember, I am on a date, though”/ “You know what should be on a date?”- last chance. Of course I could buy to myself, but wanted to feel that material thing from dating side. At least that, though

– “oh, so I need to buy it. ok”- he smiled. Felt wrong to me that moment.

Are You kidding me? Left me on a concert to go alone because of El Classico, chooses football instead of me, and now pop corns. – of course it’s not much. I guess this is me. I want too much after 7 years, though.

He took a package for couples. Middle sized. Two drinks – I was even not asked what drink I want. But I was happy at least this went good :) He knew, I take coca cola and he always-  Fanta. Differences attract . Isn’t it ?


Cinema hall was crowded with people. We were almost in a last row. If You do smth there, I am sure you do it with all those people, cause there was no space even to move or breath. So, no again, no hands, no look. Except to a clock and not in mine.

After, we went to my mum, as she sick….. And while we were going home back, our car just stops. It died in a middle of the city. Like a rose in a desert. WTF Volvo, your friend is Van Damme, how could You do that to me on a date night, I still hoped for a night, though.

First date: middle size pop corns for couples, broken Volvo, no hands, no look, glass of red wine, football, no pop corns afterwards- only Van Damme and damn Woody show “date night”

Were are You Goethe, when I need You most?  Isn’t it funny side of life- the awkwardness ? Complicated beauty, though.


and p.s. movie “Dallas Buyers Club”, I loved it, It was very strong, especially if You do see more then moving pictures, and see the story. But what I loved most, soundtrack, Oh my, that was music for my soul. I would happy to be somewhere in dumb pub, where is a smoke, whiskey, ice cubes, darkness, fog of club, empty tables, blue blues and nothing more- my passion. I would dance alone, move as never before. Uuuuu, baby, sweet thang.

I guess It was little tale about two people- my life short novel side, though. Well, I am still flying.






5 thoughts on “Awkwardness of first date

    • lina petraviciute says:

      Gabrilea Mantique- kažkodėl prilipo. Gabrilea- atsirado labai senai. Mantique- vėliau. Moteriškumo ir vyriškumo pradas viename. Savęs paieškos, greičiausiai taip galima būtų apibūdinti. O gal dar tas, kad mama sakė mąstė man tokį vardą duoti- Gabrielė. Viens iš variantų buvo. O man gražu :)

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